We’re here to change the way kids learn by bringing discovery, collaboration, and creativity into the classroom

The future is going to be a whole new ballgame. Whether it's cleaning up our oceans or working on self-driving cars, one thing we know is the world is going to be way different than it is today. And that means people are going to need every ounce of their brains to figure it out. Every bit of our imaginations, innovations and abilities will be needed to see things in new ways, or invent things we have yet to understand.

The Right Brain Initiative is here to help change the way kids learn in the Portland metro area by bringing discovery, collaboration and creativity into the classroom. Creative thinking is the secret sauce when supporting kids' abilities to problem solve, innovate and think critically. By introducing new ways to learn, kids will become more engaged students.

We make change by:

  • Training educators to weave creative thinking into core subjects
  • Enabling collaboration between the arts community and K-8 teachers in the Portland region's school districts
  • Being community partners, bringing together the resources of artists, school districts, local governments and businesses to delight, challenge and empower kids

This year, nearly 14,000 students in 37 Portland metro schools in six school districts are expressing, exploring, imagining, creating and using the full measure of their minds. We're a program of the Arts for Learning Northwest, but we engage the entire community, working arm-in-arm to create long-term, lasting change within our school systems.


Our Vision

The Right Brain Initiative transforms learning for all children through the arts, creativity, innovation and whole-brain thinking.


Our Values


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