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Arts for Learning Northwest
8911 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR 97216

Location and Building Entrance

Our office is on the 10th floor of the Terminal Sales Building, which is on SW Morrison St between SW 12th Ave and SW 13th Ave. There is a slight incline from 12th Ave to 13th Ave. The front entrance is in the middle of the block on SW Morrison St and is level with the sidewalk.

The front entrance has double doors.

  • Each door is 35.5 inches wide (2 feet 11.5 inches); each set of double doors is 67 inches wide (5 feet 7 inches).
  • The door farthest to the right when entering the building has an automatic door switch at an ADA-compliant height.

Elevators and Stairs

There are two elevators directly across from the front entrance; either one can be used to reach our office on the 10th floor.

  • The elevator weight capacity is 2500 lbs.
  • The elevators are 59 inches deep (4 feet 11 inches) and 69 inches wide (5 feet 9 inches).
  • The elevator doors are 47 inches wide (3 feet 11 inches). There is a very small ledge when entering the office from the elevators, no more than a quarter of an inch.

There is a stairwell providing access to all floors in the building.

  • The entrance to the stairwell is just to the left of the elevators (when facing the elevators from inside the office).
  • The doorway to the stairwell is 40.5 inches wide (3 feet 4.5 inches). There is no threshold in the doorway.
  • The stairs are concrete covered in a ribbed plastic material to reduce slip (though they are still a little slippery for shoes with a light tread), and have a wooden handrail on one side.

Passageways and Doorways

The narrowest passage to access the office’s central area, which includes staff offices and a common space with a couch and coffee table, is 60 inches wide (5 feet).

There are no ledges in the office with the exception of a small ledge in the doorway to the restroom, less than a quarter of an inch high.

The narrowest passage to access the stairwell and the office’s restroom is 47 inches wide (3 feet 11 inches).

  • The doorway to the stairwell is 40.5 inches wide (3 feet 4.5 inches).
  • The doorway to the restroom is 24 inches wide (2 feet). It has a very small ledge, less than a quarter of an inch high. *See Restrooms section for more details.

All staff office doorways and the doorway to the conference room are 34.5 inches wide (2 feet 10.5 inches).


There is a single-occupant restroom in the office, but it is very small and narrow. There are more accessible multiple-stall restrooms on the 3rd and 7th floors of the building, though both of these restrooms have very heavy doors. MORE RESTROOM DETAILS COMING SOON.


There is one couch in the office, which is from Ikea and has been in use since 2012.

  • The frame is made from fiberboard, plywood, solid wood and particle board.
  • The cushions are made from polyurethane foam and polyester fiber balls, and the cover is polyester and cotton.
  • The seat is 16 inches high from the ground (1 foot 4 inches) and the seat cushions are 23 inches deep (1 foot 11 inches) when not in use (they are several inches deeper when the weight of a person sitting presses against the back cushions).

The conference room chairs are from Ikea and have been in use since 2012.

  • The lower frame and legs are made of steel.
  • The seat and back are made of a single piece of molded beech plywood covered in a polyurethane lacquer.
  • The seat is 17 inches wide (1 foot 5 inches) and 14 inches deep (1 foot 2 inches), and is 17.5 inches high from the ground (1 foot 5.5 inches).
  • The chairs do not have arm rests.

Sensory and Other Conditions

There are several different scents, both natural and chemical, that can be smelled in the office at various times.

  • There is a small kitchen in the office where staff members heat food in the microwave or toaster oven, and food can often be smelled between late morning and mid-afternoon.
  • There is a scented air freshener spray in the office restroom that is used occasionally.
  • Some staff members wear perfume and other scented products.

The office floor is low-pile carpeting; it was last professionally cleaned July 2018.

Some staff members very occasionally bring pet dogs into the office.

The office is fairly quiet. The elevators can be heard intermittently as a low-pitched mechanical whirring and soft beeps. Staff members sometimes play music at their desks.

Emergency Safety

In the case of an emergency, use the stairwell through the door to the left of the elevators (when facing the elevators from inside the office) to reach the ground floor and exit the building.

  • The doorway to the stairwell is 40.5 inches wide (3 feet 4.5 inches).

If unable to safely access or use the stairs, use the door at the end of the hallway to the left of the elevators to exit onto the roof.

  • The doorway to the roof is 32.5 inches wide (2 feet 8.5 inches).
  • The roof exit requires ascending a single step 9.5 inches high. The roof itself is flat.
  • Once on the roof, wait for rescue assistance. If safely possible, try to attract attention from the ground by waving something in the air.


Arts for Learning NW staff members are able to offer assistance in the following languages:

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