Funding Ideas for Educators

Want to put on a Arts for Learning Northwest program at your school, but aren’t sure how to fund it? We want to help! Here are some ideas.

Fun for the Arts

A presence in Portland-area schools since 1977, Run for the Arts is Arts for Learning Northwest's beloved fundraising service. The program provides schools with a fundraising model, dedicated arts funds. Interested in joining them? Visit our Fun for the Arts page or contact Community Engagement Manager Hillary Mushaka.

Title Funds

With the adoption of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in 2015, federal education law’s focus on “core academic subjects” was broadened to encompass all the aspects of a “well-rounded education”—including, by definition, the arts. This gives schools and districts more flexibility to use Title I, II, and IV funds to support arts programming for their students. Ask your principal about using Title funds for the arts at your school.

Parent-Teacher Organizations

One common source of funding for Arts for Learning Northwest programs is parent-teacher organizations (PTOs). Reach out to yours to see whether they have funds available for the arts.

Arts for Learning Northwest can also help your PTO solicit local businesses for arts funding.

Far West Recycling Arts Grants

Thanks to the generosity of Far West Recycling, Arts for Learning Northwest is able to offer a limited number of grants for Arts for Learning programs at elementary and middle schools in Beaverton. The application period for Far West Recycling Arts Grants typically opens each year in the fall. To learn more, visit the grant program’s webpage.

Special Arts for Learning Northwest Funding Opportunities

Arts for Learning NW is occasionally able to provide low- or no-cost programs to schools through grants or other special funding our organization has received. Currently, we have funds available for:

  • Arts for Learning NW iPad-based residencies at Washington County elementary and middle schools where at least 50% of students qualify for free or reduced-price school meals (thanks to First Tech Federal Credit Union)
  • Arts for Learning NW digital-photography residencies (thanks to Jones Soda)

If your school meets the criteria for any of these opportunities, contact Programs Director Kristi Riedel.

Schools Foundations

Almost every district’s schools foundation awards grants to supplement district funds—including, in many cases, grants for arts programs. Find your schools foundation below and check whether the Arts for Learning Northwest program you want to put on is eligible. Arts for Learning Northwest may be able to provide limited grant-writing support.

Government Agencies

Many public entities award grants for arts and other community projects. Some of these grant programs require schools to partner with a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization (which we are). For program-specific details, follow the links below.

Private Foundations & Corporations

Finally, a number of foundations and businesses fund arts education.

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