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Performances are one-time events that introduce students to an art form and/or culture through entertainment, education and audience participation.

Guidelines for All Performances

  • Travel costs are listed on each artist's profile on the Artist & Program Guide
  • Prices vary by artist/ensemble (listed on the artist's page)
  • Have a designated maximum audience size (listed on the artist's page)
  • Have a fee of $1/student for up to 50 students over the maximum audience size. If you have more than 50 students over the maximum audience size, you will need to schedule a back-to-back performance.

School Performance

  • Are scheduled as a single performance or as a [tooltip title="Pair Performance" content="A pair performance is when an artist does two performances at a location with a minimal amount of time in between. Artists may agree to schedule performances separated by more time (i.e. a 10am and a 1pm), but each performance would be charged at the single performance fee." type="info" ]pair of back-to-back performances[/tooltip] (some artists offer a third performance on the same day)
  • Are approximately 50 minutes in length
  • Take place during the school day

Family Arts Night Performance

  • Are approximately 50 minutes in length
  • Take place outside of the school day and may include family and/or community members

How to Schedule a Performance


Submit a request through our Artist & Program Guide or contact our staff

We will confirm various aspects of the program with you including (but not limited to) dates, times, performance space, number of students, and grade levels. If you aren't sure about which performance would be best, we can provide ideas that match your goals.

Request to artist

We will reach out to the artist with these details to determine a performance date.


We will confirm an available date with you as well as the cost of the program.

ALNW will send a contract and invoice

We will either mail or email the documents to the coordinator. The contract will need to be signed and returned at least two weeks before the performance. 

If you are in a school district where principals cannot sign contracts, please submit the contract to the district to process and send back to us.

Feedback surveys

After the program is completed, ALNW will send a survey to each staff member who was present. We greatly appreciate your response!

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