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Fun for the Arts is coming up on November 18!

Fun For the Arts is coming up!

What is Fun for the Arts?

Fun for the Arts, or “FFA”, is an equitable, regional dance-a-thon fundraiser for arts access in schools. After collecting feedback from our participating schools, we have redesigned our previous fundraising program, Run for the Arts, to focus on an arts activity and increase access to arts funding to schools in the region. Students are encouraged to move in whatever way feels best to them and can also participate by helping their coordinator promote the event around the school or making decorations for the event.

Students at schools around the region participate in the event on a single day to raise funds together. These funds are combined with sponsorships from businesses and local community organizations and then disbursed to schools based on student participation.

After our pilot last year, participating schools have offered some positive feedback:

“I really appreciate the new format of a shared pool. The visiting artists are always such great quality!”

“We love Young Audiences and the work they do promoting quality and diverse arts access for students in our city. We’ve partnered for around 9 years and know that if they’re working on a new model for fundraising, we’re in! We want to be involved because we’ve had such a good experience over time and know they work with integrity and passion.”

“Yes!! We are definitely in for Fun for the Arts. I am so excited to be part of community fundraising which is something I feel passionate about.”

Who participates and how?

Any school in Oregon & SW Washington.

Schools will designate a coordinator, promote the event, encourage participation and collection of funds.
Students will gather to dance and can be joined by one of our professional teaching artists if requested. A playlist will be provided as well as pre-event promotional materials. Many schools have found success in adding elements such as blacklights, glow sticks, and fog machines.

Funds from the events are turned in and combined with sponsorships that YA secures and then distributed to schools based on student participation.

How can you get involved?

While the registration period has ended for this year, you can support local schools by donating on Is your company interested in being a sponsor? Reach out to [email protected]

Reach out to [email protected] if you’d like to set up a meeting to learn how your school can be involved next year.

We are very excited to be dancing on November 18th around the region. Thank you teachers, administrators, students, parents and supporters of Arts Education for youth.  Let’s get dancing and moving to increase access to arts to all of our students across the region.

Do you still have questions? We’re happy to help! Contact Koko Olszewski, Community Engagement Manager, at (503) 225-5900 ext 235 or, Email [email protected].

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