Line and Color to Express Feelings

by Kanani Miyamoto

Art is a way to share your feelings with others. In this activity you will use line and color to explain your feelings. You will get you to think about new ways to make art.

Learning Target

● I can imagine color and use it to explain my feelings.
● I can identify different types of lines and use lines to express my feelings.


Paint Pad and a black sharpie or marker.

Paint Brushes, Water colors and a plastic container  with water


Draw lazy lines. Draw mad lines. Draw sad lines. Draw happy lines. Draw silly lines.

1. First draw lines to show feelings! Use your black marker.

Now you think of a feeling and use your pen to express that feeling with just lines.

2. Now add color to your lines. Use your watercolor paints.

Paint a lazy color. Paint a mad color. Paint a sad color. Paint a happy color. Paint a silly color.

Now you think of a feeling, use your watercolors to explain that feeling.


Write in your journal or draw in your sketchbook
1. Show a family member your work, tell them about it.
2. What lines and colors were the most fun for you to make?
3. Open some books and look for lines and colors.
What do you notice about the lines and colors in the books?


1. Look at Sol Lewitt and Julie Mehretu’s work. What do you notice? How do they make you feel?

Art by Sol Lewitt

Art by Julie Mehretu

2. Paint one of your best memories using just line and color.
3. Mix new colors to explain more feelings. How many different colors and feelings can you create?

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